Turning World has a long relationship with First Nations owned music production company Gaba Musik , founded by Airileke and Deline Briscoe.

Based on over a decade of collaboration between Gaba Musik Director Airileke and Kate Ben-Tovim, Turning World has worked with Gaba Musik to bring numerous large scale productions to life.

This includes the epic PASIFIX– a large-scale festival event presenting Australia’s proud Pacific Islander music and celebrating the impact their artists are having on Australia’s music scene, curated by Airilele. PASIFIX premiered as part of the 2021 Live At The Bowl series.

Making a similarly ambitious debut in the Bowl, BLAKTIVISM is an powerful showcase of living legends and rising First Nations talent, redefining the voice of activitism across the decades.

Kate was proud to be the Executive Producer for the first outing of both festivals in 2021, and continues to support the journey of these works for Gaba Musik.